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The word Karate means empty hand. Although hands are trained for defense and striking, kicks or leg techniques are also used for reasons such as:

  • To keep distance between you and opponent

  • As an alternative when the hands are performing defenses

  • As a distraction to follow up with a hand-strike

The commonly practiced kicks are:

  • Jodan Mae Geri [hitting with the ball of the foot]- middle level

  • Chudan Mae Geri[hitting with the ball of the foot] – upper level

  • Mawashi Geri [hitting with the ball of the foot or in-step]-Round House kick

  • Yoko Geri [Side Kick]

  • Ura Mawashi Geri [reverse round House kick]

  • Ushiro Geri [Hitting with the heel]- Back kick

  • Hiza Geri [hitting with the knees]

  • Sokuto Geri [hitting with the edge of the foot]

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