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I’ll always remember Calix’s first trial Karate lesson. Sharing my concern about his poor health, Sensei Cindy assured me that he was in good and nurturing hands. Through the five years that I’ve spent with Sensei Robert and Cindy, there have certainly been numerous ups and downs. However, they’re always there to provide support and encouragement. Karate has visibly improved Calix’s health and confidence, and I know that it was the right choice bringing him to Shinyuukai.

Grace and Calix

We were looking for our son to pick up a self-defence discipline that would help build up his physical energy, motor skills, focus and self-confidence. A chat with a friend led to an introduction to Shinyuukai.


Sensei Robert and Cindy were most welcoming and helpful with getting Zachary to settle in. Both are seasoned, disciplined and personable practitioners, with a way with children and an honest word for parents.


Under their tutelage, Zachary has really taken to Karate at Shinyuukai and enjoys the art. Progressing through the belts has become a source of confidence and pride for him. We are delighted with his progress and appreciate the work of the Shinyuukai club.

Joyce and Alvin 

Both Jordan and Nicole look forward to going for Karate lessons. Training can be vigorous at times, but they love it. Under Sensei Cindy and Sensei Robert’s guidance, I sense that Jordan and Nicole are gaining more self-confidence and discipline. Among all things, they enjoy the trainings tremendously. I would highly recommend all parents to come and enrol their children in this club. Shinyuukai has mastered a good balance between rigour and fun.

Sylvia and Boon Teck

My brother referred me to Sensei Cindy if I wanted to enrol my kids in Karate lessons. When both my sons turned 3 and 4 respectively, I brought them for a trial lesson, and the rest is history!


Sensei Cindy and Sensei Robert are excellent coaches, and adored by the kids. The seniors in the club would also lend a hand to coach the little ones. It’s so family oriented. I can gladly leave my 2 toddlers at their Karate lesson, do my grocery shopping, and return to fetch them when their lesson ends! My boys are always happy and joyful after they end their Karate lesson. When my daughter turns 3, I’ll definitely be enrolling her for Karate lessons too. 

Eileen and Terence

Although I was born and raised in Japan, I never did have the opportunity or the courage to start Karate back then. Hence, I never would have expected that my entry into Karate (alongside my son, husband & mother) would begin here in Singapore.


心技体 (Spirit, Technique and Physical Strength). These words represent the spirit of Karate and anyone can acquire them in Shinyuukai. Mentored by Sensei Cindy and Sensei Robert, one will face his/her inner self, toughen up and develop true courage as he/she gets to learn from 2 of the best Karate Masters anyone could ever ask for. For anyone looking to learn and master Karate, I would strongly recommend Shinyuukai.


12 years have been a great learning journey for our son, Ali. Apart from his tournament achievements and staying fit, our boy has discipline instilled in him, which has enhanced his growth towards life. Today, we are proud to see him being broadcasted in the Malay newspaper and on radio about his Karate journey, which has inspired other young Malays to pursue their dreams. We hope he never stops striving to improve himself and his future.


 Our sincere compliments go to Sensei Cindy and Sensei Robert for their continuous efforts in training and guiding our son.

Liza and Adam

It’s been an enriching 12 months of fun and learning. In Shinyuunkai, there is more than a handful of children in the class, who are around my children’s age. Sensei Robert and Sensei Cindy take good care of the children, as if they were their own. They promote bonding outside lesson times and often organise outings/gatherings. I hope my kids continue learning to be more disciplined and pick up some self-defence techniques.

Stephanie and Mark

Being a Karate practitioner, Leonard was glad that our kids took up the challenge and learned diligently together. It has since been an enjoyable experience for them at the club. The environment is very family-oriented, where both Sensei Robert and Cindy teach the kids with passion and patience, as if they were their own.


Shinyuukai provides different training programs catered accordingly for the kids, where fun and discipline are merged seamlessly. Hence, it is common to hear laughter whenever our kids are at the dojo. Sharing the same goals has allowed my family to grow closer together.


I would highly recommend my friends with kids to come join us at such a family friendly Karate club!

Dew and Leonard

My boys started training in Shinyuukai about 9 months ago. Shinyuukai has provided them with an opportunity to develop their core strength, coordination, balance and self-defence skills.


They have gained wonderful physical skills like gross motor, coordination and control. Not only that, their concentration has improved and it has helped them in their studies. It's always wonderful watching them during training while they learn new moves.

Jessica and Alvin

Five of us joined Shinyuukai together - fresh from playing soccer in JC, we were in search of a new form of sport that could keep us fit and engaged. This novel experience learning Karate has thus far reinforced in all of us the value of discipline, patience and strength.


Throughout this journey, Sensei Robert and Sensei Cindy have been very helpful and instructive. They’re always tough but also ensure that we have fun during lessons. We are as excited as we first were on this endeavour, and we will continue working hard in pursuing this interest.

RI Girls

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