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Our Motivation


Shitoryu [Singapore] Karate-Do Kai is the choice organisation for Shitoryu Karate-Do training in Singapore.


To provide high quality karate training and supervision to members and students, focusing on mental, physical and spiritual development.


Our training techniques and focus consistently hold true to the traditional values and philosophy of Shitoryu Karate-Do.




We are committed in delivering quality training that helps students reach their full potential.


We ensure our instructor’s competency through systematic ‘Train The Instructor Training’ courses.



We are consistent in our training principles.


We keep the tradition of the martial art progression theory of  SHU HA RI.​​

Shitoryu History


Shitoryu Karate

Kenwa Mabuni (摩文仁 賢和 Mabuni Kenwa), the founder of Shitoryu karate, born in Shuri, Okinawa in 1889, was a 17th generation descendant of the famous warrior Uni Ufugusuku Kenyu. As a child, Mabuni began training in karate intensively to overcome his poor health. At 13, He began training in the art of Shuri-te (首里手) in his home town under the tutelage of the legendary Ankō Itosu (糸州 安恒 Itosu Ankō, 1831–1915). He trained diligently for several years, learning many kata from this great master. It was Itosu who first developed the Pinan kata, which were most probably derived from the Kusanku form. With the help of his close friend Chōjun Miyagi (宮城 長順 Miyagi Chōjun), co-founder of Gojū-ryū Karate, Mabuni was introduced to another great master of that period, Kanryō Higaonna (東恩納 寛量 Higaonna Kanryō). Mabuni began to learn Naha-te (那覇手). While both Itosu and Higaonna taught a "hard-soft" style of Okinawan Te, their methods and emphases were quite distinct.


Mabuni also sought instructions from a number of other teachers, including Masters Seishō Aragaki, Matsumura Tawada Shimboku, Sueyoshi Jino and Wu Xianhui (a Chinese master known as Go-Kenki). In fact, Mabuni was well-known for his knowledge of kata and their bunkai applications.

Shitoryu Singapore Karate Do Kai

Shihan Robert Tan and Sensei Cindy Seah have been training for the last 40 years with the Shitoryu Karate Association of Singapore (SKA). Together with the early pioneers of Karate-do, they were part of the key group of instructors that helped to coach and build up young karate talents in Singapore. It was the wish of both instructors to grow a group of dedicated karate practitioners. They wanted the future batch of karate practitioners to build on the bond shared through their love for this martial art as well as their friendship with one another.



Robert Tan

Shihan Robert Tan (7th Dan) has been a keen practitioner of karate for the last 40 years and has won numerous national accolades for his martial arts prowess.


Most notably, he represented Singapore at the 7th World Union of Karate-Do Championship [WUKO] at Maastrich, Holland in 1984, where he clinched a respectable 8th placing out of over 50 international champions in his weight category. Shihan Robert Tan has also been coaching and helping to raise the profile of the local karate scene since 1980. He has since coached many karate players who have represented Singapore in the national team.

Cindy Seah

Sensei Cindy Seah (6th Dan) is a well-respected female karate practitioner who has similarly proved her prowess in various ways.


Sensei Cindy is deeply passionate about teaching, especially in teaching children and female karate practitioners. She is well-loved by many of her students, and parents and teachers alike are more than willing to entrust their charges to her excellent care.

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