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Our History

Shihan Robert Tan and Sensei Cindy Seah have been training for the last 40 years with the Shitoryu Karate Association of Singapore (SKA). Together with the early pioneers of Karate-do, they were part of the key group of instructors that helped to coach and build up young karate talents in Singapore. It was the wish of both instructors to grow a group of dedicated karate practitioners. They wanted the future batch of karate practitioners to build on the bond shared through their love for this martial art as well as their friendship with one another.


Shitoryu Singapore Karate-Do Kai, started as Shitoryu Shinyuukai in 2016; consisted of a few senior belters and parents of kids who were keen in seeing the ‘Karate Couple’ achieve their vision. As of 1 February 2017, Shitoryu Singapore Karate Do Kai has been officially affiliated and registered with Shitoryu International Karate-Do Kai under Soke Tsukasa Mabuni in Osaka, Japan.


Shinyuu Kai”, meaning “True Courage” in Japanese, symbolises the hope both instructors have for their students – to develop courage within themselves to confront any adversities they might face. Both instructors hope that through the mastery of this traditional martial arts system, their students are able to find friendship with one another and help each other grow both in character and strength along their karate journey. This path of growth should not end in Singapore, but will hopefully extend to fellow Shito-ryu Karate practitioners around the world.

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