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Our committee Members

(Vice President)

Karate is a sport that found me in my teenage years. Unfortunately, after serving my NS, and entering the workforce, I lost touch with my Sensei. Thankfully, we re-connected on Facebook, and I gladly re-united with them during the opening of the Shinyuukai dojo.

After all these years, I still see the passion and dedication that both Senseis bring to their students, and the patience they demonstrate in their teaching. Personally, I’ve never been fitter, stronger and healthier since getting back to Karate.


Since the opening of the dojo, I am proud to say we have achieved much; most notably our achievement in Kuching and affiliation with the Shitoryu International Karate Do Kai in Osaka, Japan.


Learning Karate was a roller coaster ride for me in terms of life experiences and learning exposure. On top of being beneficial towards fitness and physical well-being, Karate has given me a sense of belonging, gratitude, self-awareness, discipline and connectedness to deep-rooted tradition; principles that resonate deeply with my own.


I started Karate when I was 18 in the late 90s, but stopped training for 20 years. Then, I met Sensei Robert and Cindy. They reignited my passion and the rest is history! I’ve since brought my 3 lovely kids to learn Karate, and it has become an irreplaceable part of our life, tradition, and family.

(Assistant Secretary)

I began my Karate journey 12 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I have made. Although I started rather late, I’m thankful to have found wonderful teachers in Shihan Robert Tan and Sensei Cindy Seah. They have patiently and painstakingly guided me and never cease to inspire with their dedication and passion for Karate. It is not only a form of self-defence but a way of life, teaching us that through discipline and focus, every challenge in life can be overcome. I have also learned to appreciate the little nuances in the stances, blocks and punches, that make all the difference in the speed and power of execution; similarly in life, in-depth knowledge on whatever we do is the key to success.


I began learning Karate in 1998, while I was in school. However, after starting my career, I stopped training for almost 13 years. After I heard that Sensei Robert and Sensei Cindy had opened a new dojo, I realised that my opportunity to learn new things has a time limit. If I don’t start learning again, I will certainly regret it later. I believe it is never too late to begin again. Thus, I decided to come back to Karate and see how much I can achieve from now on.

(Committee Member)

There’s nothing like waking in the morning, knowing you are growing physically, mentally and emotionally into a better person. This is what martial arts can do for someone. I have been a practitioner since 2000, and along my martial arts journey, I realized it's not about the kind of martial art one chooses to practice.

I met Sensei Robert and Sensei Cindy in 2017 and through them, I discovered karate and most importantly, the values they display and impart on their students. In Shinyuukai, we are one big family, with kids, as young as 6, and seniors, well into their 60s. It is a wonderfully positive environment and I invite you to experience it for yourself.


In my 20 years of practising karate, Shinyuukai is the 5th karate club I’ve trained in. I’ve trained next to a forest, accompanied by fruit bats. I’ve trained on an asphalt basketball court, where shoes had to be worn to avoid severe blistering. The Shinyuukai dojo, housed in a prime location along Lavender Street, is the best by far. Here, the multiple weekly classes, structured black belt kata training program, which includes various advanced katas, and invaluable coaches are what inspired me to join Shinyuukai in 2017. I now train at Shinnyuukai 3 times a week, mainly for cardiovascular fitness and to maintain a healthy body weight.

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Our Black Belts' Journey


Knowing I lacked focus and discipline, my father put me in karate at the age of 3. Even at that age, I knew I was passionate about the sport. Sensei Cindy and Shihan Robert put in a lot of effort to train me, and constantly pushed me from a white belt to a black belt. They allowed me to compete as they saw I had potential, and I ended up winning a silver and bronze medal.


However, after a while I stopped training. My father then found Sensei again and we learned they had started their own dojo. I eventually joined Shinyuukai. We have since steadily grown in membership, with a group of black belts frequently competing.

Zhi Kai

I joined karate when I was six in 2011, simply because I liked to fight. I was a hot-tempered kid who just thought karate was cool. However, I realised karate was far more than just fighting. Sensei Cindy and Shihan Robert would always discipline me when they find the need to. Throughout my time in Shinyuukai, I have gradually been changing for the better, both mentally and physically. I love sharing my problems with them, and I know they’ll always be there, because they treat everyone like family. Their encouragement constantly drives me to be better. Challenges are nothing with their support.


I began practising karate in 1993, after watching my uncle train while growing up. I believe that karate has made me a better person. Above all the technical and physical aspects, karate has taught me to be disciplined, patient, and respectful of others. I would certainly be a different person now, if not for karate.


I gained invaluable experiences and knowledge from competing, and believe that putting in 100% effort and commitment is what allows for success. Since moving to Singapore in 2014, I have found two kind and lovely instructors in Shihan Robert and Sensei Cindy. They are always ready to help and never fail to pass on their knowledge to me. I learn so much from them all the time, and I’m truly blessed and incredibly grateful.


When I was 7, I joined my 3 other brothers in the sport. Back then, I never appreciated the sport and was always getting scolded for being ill-disciplined. After a few years, I stopped after deciding to pursue my interest in dancing. In polytechnic, I picked it up again and along the way, bumped into Sensei Robert and Cindy, whom I knew from my childhood. They reinvigorated my interest for the sport and I have been training with them ever since. To me, Karate has morphed into something more than a sport. They have trained me to be more disciplined and see it as a way of life.


I started karate 7 years ago. I would follow my older sister everywhere she went, and that’s how we attended a karate kids class trial together.


As time passed, my interest in karate grew, and so did my hunger for improvement. With Sensei Robert and Sensei Cindy’s guidance, I am now at a place I would have never imagined being at back then.

Not only does karate train my fitness. It also inculcates in me the importance of a balanced and healthy diet, which cannot be achieved without good mental strength.  “Hard-work will always pay off”, is one of my many take-aways from my karate journey.


I don’t regret joining karate, and I never will. Age doesn’t stop you from starting anything!

Hui Lin

I first joined karate when I was 9 and started competing a year later. I only started taking training seriously when I was selected to represent Singapore in the 12th Asia Pacific Shitoryu Karatedo Federation tournament in 2012. Even though I was introverted, I took the initiative to contact Sensei Cindy, asking her to train me. This was a turning point for me - I trained at least 5 times a week and learned about fitness and nutrition to optimise my performance. It was tough simultaneously juggling ‘O’ levels, but I was determined to do well. My goal was to get past the first round as I was aware of my poor standards, but to my surprise, I won Silver. This taught me the importance of hard work and perseverance.


I started karate when I was 4 years old in Japan, unaware of how big a part of my life it was going to become. I have learnt so much and made so many memories with my friends and teachers. They have taught me the importance of self-confidence. Karate allows me to truly be myself, and be more comfortable in my own skin.

The way Sensei Cindy and Sensei Robert teach really motivates and encourages me to do better every day. Karate wouldn’t be the same without my Senseis, and I am incredibly grateful for them.


I started karate when I was 7 as I was really interested in the sport. At first, I thought it was all about the skills learnt, but as I grew older, I realised karate also focuses strongly on values and discipline.


Shinyuukai has given me many new experiences and opportunities to learn. It has given me a new family, where I feel I belong. Both Sensei Cindy and Sensei Robert’s patience and guidance throughout my karate journey has motivated and encouraged me to change for the better. Karate has not only shaped me into a stronger person physically and mentally, but it has also become my passion.


I started karate in kindergarten and Sensei Cindy helped me learn my first kata. This helped me to know how to defend myself should anyone attack me. I train as hard as I can and Sensei Robert helps me become better at the katas I’m learning. I have since learned many katas and can keep improving because of both Sensei’s’ help. Now I’m proud to say I have participated in competitions to represent Singapore.


I started karate when I was 4 years old in Japan, unaware of how big a part of my life it was going to become. I have learnt so much and made so many memories with my friends and teachers. They have taught me the importance of self-confidence. Karate allows me to truly be myself, and be more comfortable in my own skin.

The way Sensei Cindy and Sensei Robert teach really motivates and encourages me to do better every day. Karate wouldn’t be the same without my Senseis, and I am incredibly grateful for them.

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Our colour Belts' Journey


Being an art student in secondary school, I never would've imagined “Karate” being in my vocabulary of interests. Karate was a step outside my comfort zone I will never regret.

Everything about Shinyuukai, from the Senseis (Sensei Robert & Cindy) to the community, has taught me many lessons and kept me motivated and disciplined. Karate is very much a physical sport, yet it has trained my mental strength, reminding me to maintain my fortitude in other areas of my life. Karate can impact one largely even beyond the confines of the Dojo, just as it has for me. Safe to say, my journey with Karate won't stop anytime soon.


For some reason, in Year 1 of poly, I decided I wanted to try a martial art. And thankfully, I settled in Karate. It's truly a sport that I've come to love with my whole heart. In the year that I’ve been training, I've come to be more open to feedback and more eager to learn. Sensei Cindy and Sensei Robert are incredibly gracious in their teaching and make every training session enjoyable. Though trainings are mentally and physically demanding, the support of my new-found family tides me over. Karate may be an individualistic sport, but there is nothing solitary about sweating it out together, through all the good and bad.


I'd never imagined myself taking up Karate. I was first introduced to Karate in 2011, as a suggestion to improve my then 7-year-old son, Calix's, health. After years of passive viewership and encouragement, I decided to become a Karate-ka. At 49, I had a lot of initial reservations, due to mental and physical limitations.


It has been almost a year, and I am immensely grateful to Sensei Robert and Cindy for their continuous support, motivation and unwavering patience. Learning Karate has been a long and arduous journey, but I've savoured the fruits of my labour. Both my physical and mental health have been bolstered, and I will definitely continue in my pursuit of Karate.

Guang Zhi

I started Karate when I was 7 years old. I wanted to discipline myself and become stronger. At the start, I thought Karate was easy, so I asked my father to let me try it, but it was hard; from doing the basic stances, to various harder moves. Yet, Karate makes me better. Sensei Robert and Cindy taught us many Katas and Kumite sparring. I also made many new friends and we go together as a team to compete in competitions. Last year, I participated in a competition and won medals. I am very proud and happy.


I started Karate under Sensei Cindy and Sensei Robert in 2016. When practicing the art, I not only developed Karate skills, but also gained self-confidence and great focus. It strengthened both my mental and physical health. Furthermore, for a Penangite who earns a living in Singapore, Shinyuukai is like a big family; we train, share our life and make friends. Meeting the Senseis and the community has been the best thing that has ever happened to me in Singapore. I really enjoy every moment spent with them.


I started practising Shitoryu Karate in 2016 when my best friend recommended me to Sensei Robert and Cindy. Their training sessions comprise of systemic Kata and Kumite techniques. With their clear guidance, I feel my mind and body being in sync and have grasped a better understanding of connection, balance and strength. As a result, my techniques have improved. I enjoy Karate as it not only provides the ultimate full-body workout but it also teaches me mindfulness. Health-wise, Karate has benefited me in a myriad of ways.

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