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Festive Flashbacks!

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

The seasons of feasting have brought much joy and many full tummies to the dojo!

Christmas, decoration, children, party
Mitch and Milton, our colourful little human Christmas trees!

Shinyuukai's annual Christmas party last December saw the pink and blue mats scattered with many craft supplies as our #sykfamily competed to decorate the best human Christmas tree. Our Christmas trees had all kinds of things hung and taped on them, from paper cups to ice cream sticks as ornaments!

They all outshone our traditional Christmas tree sitting in the corner, but the creative juices didn't stop there. Everyone got a chance to decorate their own cupcake (and eat them too).

But the fun never ends, and Shinyuukai soon rang in the new year with a huge "Huat Ah!" We had a wide spread of food and desserts, along with the most enthusiastic lo hei ever with our handmade piggy yusheng.

chinese new year, lo hei, yu sheng
Uh oh, where did 小猪 🐷go?

It was the perfect time to catch up with the friends we hadn't seen in a while, as well as appreciate all the home-cooked goods. It was quite the international spread: thai red rubies dessert, Japanese salmon and edamame rice, chicken curry and more!

Perhaps we've all had one too many slices of bak kwa and pineapple tarts, so we're back in action! It's been an enjoyable break but we're going full-steam.

Onwards #sykwarriors!


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