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Striking techniques can sometimes be ineffective in situations - tight spaces, close-ranged combat and even with certain opponents. Such situations led to the use of takedowns, sweeps or throws to disrupt the opponent’s balance; taking them down and following up with attacks, such as punches or kicks.


Some of the common takedowns or throws applied together with karate moves are:


  • Kuzushi Waza

A set of techniques that are executed where a leg blocks the movement of the opponent's movements while applying a force on the upper part of opponent's body


  • Ashi Barai [Foot Sweep]

Toppling or causing the opponent to lose balance through a circular path against the opponent's foot while turning the hip away

  • Kakato Gaeshi

Trapping the opponent by locking the heel behind the opponent's heel, pulling with a counter motion to the movement to the opponent's leg. Commonly used to counter opponent delivering high kicks.





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