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55 Participants, 35 Volunteers, 15 Events, 8 Hours, 1 Championship

Tiny #sykwarriors ready to compete with Shihan Cindy's support from the back!

5 June 2022: We held our very first Junior Championship proudly organized and executed by ourselves!

This championship aimed to give our tiny #sykwarriors a chance to compete again or to compete for the first time ever after the Covid-19 situation subsided.

Each and every SYK warrior turned up with a roaring spirit, eager to compete. The entire dojo was quickly filled with many juniors of the different colored belts, preparing to give it their all.

Serious tiny warrior giving her very best kata performance!

For every category, participants will first perform the katas they've been practicing hard for.

(right) Here, we have Claire Sng, 9, performing her kata to fight for the first place in her category.

Look at that stance!

Strong punches from the tiny warrior!

The participants will then proceed to showcase their kumite techniques

(left) What a strike from Jordan Phua, 6 !

The event concluded with many happy warriors receiving their hard-earned medals. The determination, 'never say die' spirit, and great sportsmanship displayed definitely paid off. Kudos to everyone who participated in the championship!

Happy faces filled the dojo all day!

Jayven, receiving a hug from his younger sister

Of course, the huge support and encouragement from family members has no doubt boosted the confidence of our warriors. Small wins!

The championship would certainly not have gotten to life if not for our SYK volunteers who helped from weeks of planning to execute the event. From ushering, to emceeing, to refereeing, supporting etc. .... We have all certainly enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

What an experience!

Be sure to head over to our gallery for more actions during the competition, and follow our Instagram (@shinyuukai) and Facebook pages (Shitoryu Singapore Karate-Do Kai, Shinyuu Kai) for future events!

Till the next time...

Onwards Shinyuukai !


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