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A Champion's Heart

"Champions are not the ones who always win [...], they are the ones who get out there and try." - Simon Sinek

Shinyuukai's recent trip last December to Bintulu, Sarawak, for the East Malaysia Zone Shitoryu Karate (EMZSK) Championships revealed many a champion's heart in our #sykwarriors.

Mitch performs his competition kata in front of a large crowd for the first time

For quite a few of our warriors, this was their very first time competing. Terrifying as it may be to take the first step, our warriors pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and on to the tatami. For Mitch Chang Toft, 14, everything about competing was brand new. From his experience, he learned that "there is always an obstacle to overcome no matter how good you are, and that you should never give up."

Perseverance to push through the tough trainings is definitely essential for our warriors. Megan Siak, 14, had to juggle both training and her studies, while preparing for 3 events for the competition. Though demanding, a focused state of mind and good time management brought her through to win medals in all her events.

Megan (centre) and her team for their first ladies team kata

Yet, it takes more than sheer grit and determination to make a champion. Behind every warrior are two incredibly supportive sensei, understanding family members, and a dojo full of friends who never fail to lend encouragement and a pat on the back. For Anna Gu, 15, this is what motivated her to work hard and achieve a gold medal in her category. "I wouldn't trade my karate for anything else," she said.

Amelia keeps a constant strong stance when competing

For all the months of training, it ultimately boils down to those couple of minutes on the tatami. Amelia Teo, 20, likens competing to a "roller coaster ride, feeling excitement but fear. What is constant is the thought of not having any regrets after each competition. I only have one chance to put in my everything and showcase the months of preparation for the event." Hard work always reaps reward, and when you train your hardest, you'll definitely walk off the mats with #noregrets, no matter the results of the competition.

The idea of participating in a competition may seem daunting, but there's a first time for everything! If you've never competed before, don't be afraid to try. Competing with our #shinyuukaifamily is truly an experience like no other. You may be alone on the tatami, but there will always be a family just on the outside, cheering for your victories, and encouraging you on during your setbacks.

Right now, our #sykwarriors are gearing up for the 12th International Seito Shitoryu Taikai in Perth, Australia, and the EMZSK Championship in Sabah, Malaysia. The grind never stops, so they don’t either! Each day is an opportunity to learn, improve and push personal limits. It may be tough, yet training together not only builds our physical strength as individuals, but also a stronger friendship.

"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are." - Chauncy Depew

Take that first step, don’t cheat yourself of an opportunity to success. Be a part of the competition squad, you’ll have our 100% support.

Onwards Shinyuukai!


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