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Outstanding in Osaka

After years of Covid-19 putting a hold on large-scale tournaments, the highly anticipated 13th International Takai Tournament finally took place in the motherland of Karate, Osaka, Japan!

Facing Fierce Competition

Our 41-strong team, including family members and supporters, gathered in good spirits, ready to embark on this exciting trip. Our #sykwarriors trained consistently and diligently for 7 months, reaping their rewards in a total of 3 Golds 🥇, 4 Silvers🥈, and 6 Bronzes🥉!

Time to Up-Grade

Eleven of our senior black belt members participated in a mass grading exercise and successfully achieved advanced to their next dan! It was definitely an incredible experience to witness so many Karate-kas grading at the same time in the Omaha Hall, Sakai. Congratulations to them!

Strengthening Ties

We certainly had a fun-filled and memorable trip, and we rounded it off with a mass day tour to Awaji Island.

Throughout our time in Osaka, we mingled with local, regional and international friends, forging strong bonds that would surely grow deeper over time.

What's Next?

We have been blessed with the opportunity to work towards organizing the 14th International Takai that will be held in Singapore in 2025! We look forward to meeting, training, and competing alongside our international counterparts again, and can't wait to show you what Singapore has to offer.

Till then, may all #sykwarriors train harder and strive for a better personal achievement in the sport!

Onwards Shinyuukai! Oss!


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