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Shinyuukai Turns Six!

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

On the same day as our nation’s birthday, this year, we celebrated Shinyuukai's 6th anniversary with a large-scale dinner event, bringing two joyous occasions together.

Here are some highlights of Shinyuukai’s anniversary dinner:

With great honor, Shinyuukai’s anniversary dinner started off with welcoming our special guests from all around the region.


SHIHAN Phun Yau Sing

Penang, West Malaysia


SOKE Tsukasa Mabuni



MASTER Loh Kong Wing

Melbourne, Australia


SHIHAN Kasuo Sakai



SENSEI Ngui Siou Fong

Miri-Sarawak, West Malaysia


SENSEI Islam Shuvo


Shihan Robert’s speech on the club’s journey.

Together with the special guests, we sang 2 birthday songs – for Singapore and Shinyuukai!

Game Time!

... who remembers the childhood games we played?

1st Game: Shake the Marbles down

Two players holding the shakers from the middle where the tape is. They have to shake all the marbles till they reach the bottom of a bottle.

2nd Game: Cups Moving On Up

Players have to move cups from the top of the stack to the bottom.

3rd Game: Shaking ping pong ball out of tissue box

Players have to swing and shake their hips to empty the tissue box of all ping pong balls as quickly as they can.

4th Game: Flip cup

Players have to flip a plastic cup one at a time so that it lands face-down on the table.

📢 Bonus round! Sensei Robert VS Sensei Cindy 🥋

Special thanks to those who helped from planning to executing the event. Without a doubt, everyone has tremendously enjoyed themselves that night. ❤

Be sure to head over to our gallery for more pictures, and follow our Instagram (@shinyuukai) and Facebook page (Shitoryu Singapore Karate-Do Kai, Shinyuu Kai) for future events!

Till the next time...

Onwards Shinyuukai !


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