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Our Karate Journey Thus Far…

Shihan Robert and Sensei Cindy training

Shinyuukai recently celebrated our 6th anniversary.

We have come a long way since the very beginning, so let’s take a trip down memory lane!

Back in 2015, both Shihan Robert and Sensei Cindy kickstarted the Shinyuukai journey. The Karate couple left their previous teaching post and started their own classes at the SIngapore Airlines Training Centre. There were only a handful of students training then.

In 2016, they were determined to find their own training ground. Eventually, they decided to make 328B King George Avenue the home of warriors, and our dojo has grown from here ever since.

The dojo before renovation
The dojo after renovation

First few training sessions before the official opening

On the 9th of August, as you have probably seen in our previous post, was the dojo’s official opening.

(from left to right) Shihan Phun, Shihan Robert, Sensei Cindy

Then, we were invited by Shihan Phun Yao Sing over to his dojo in Penang, West Malaysia, to train together.

This was also the year we began our East Malaysia Zone Shitoryu Karate (EMZSK) Championship journey. The 10th EMZSK championship was held in Miri, Sarawak, that year and we sent a squad of only 6 participants. Small but mighty, we came back with a total of 3 Gold, 2 Silver, and 1 Bronze medal.

It was certainly a joyful end to an amazing year, and a great start to our competition journey.

February 2017 marks one of Shinyuukai’s greatest achievements. With the help of Shihan Phun, Shinyuukai was introduced into Shitoryu International Karate Do Kai.

Thus, with great honour, we were invited to participate in the International Shitoryu Karate-Do Takai, held in Osaka, Japan. 24 #sykwarriors travelled and participated in the Technical Seminar.

(from right to left) Shihan Phun, Shihan Robert, Sensei Cindy, Soke Mabuni, Clement, Chris

The #sykfamily steadily grew bigger and stronger. Alongside our warriors’ family members, we went for a hike at MacRitchie Reservoir; a lovely opportunity for bonding through casual exercise.

In December that year, we participated in our 2nd EMZSK Championship held in Kuching, this time with more participants and a more impressive medal haul. We also won the Overall Champion trophy for the tournament!

To end off yet another outstanding year, we organised a Christmas Party at the dojo. Our warriors worked hard, and know how to play hard too!

2018 saw many events and competitions take place as we connected with friends from Australia, Brunei, and Bintulu.

In September, Master Loh Kong Wing brought along his warriors from Melbourne, Australia to visit and train together with our #sykwarriors.